What is leadership? How do we self-govern? What is the connection between personal ownership and communal influence? Join Dave and Chris for a series of 18 discussions about the transformational effect of true servant leadership.

1) Little Round Top

Welcome to our podcast. In this first episode we will be talking about the definition of leadership, the framework of life, and share a story from the history pages that illustrates the value of influence in leadership.

2) The Meaning of Life #1

In this podcast we talk about the meaning of life. We touch on the value and importance of having a Transcendent There or Vision. When we have a Transcendent There we are able to live an integrated life, instead of a compartmentalized one, living…

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3) The Meaning of Life #2

Journey with us as we dive deeper into the meaning of our existence. We touch on the value and importance of having a Transcendent There or Vision. When we have a Transcendent There we are able to live an integrated life, instead of a…

4) Goal Setting

In this podcast we talk about the value of SMART Goals. Goals setting creates focus and intention, and is a tool that will help move you along the path towards your There.

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5) The Two Theres

As humans, our default is self. As such, it is easy to lose focus of our transcendent There (which is others oriented) and set our gaze upon serving ourselves. Only after we learn how to differentiate between the me There and the we There can we die to self in…

6) Power and Influence

If leadership is influencing others to get There we need to learn how to steward the power we carry in order to influence those we lead. In this podcast we talk about the 5 types of power, and how when used effectively, we are able to influence others into living…

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7) Leadership Styles

There are many different leaderships styles, and they are all effective in different settings. As we influence those we lead into ownership of the There we use the leadership styles to empower them. Listen in to learn how you can become a more…

8) Freedom Vs. Control

The point of leadership is not control, the point of leadership is influence, it is casting vision and influencing others to lead themselves towards the There. In this podcast we talk about boundaries and consequences, and how, when used well, can…

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9) Project Mood Curve

Awareness of our Here can motivate us and help us to move towards our There. The Project Mood Curve is a tool that can help us to define our current reality, and give us hope through the hard times.

10) Sharing Truth

Sharing truth is important, it can help us to gain clarity and perspective on our current reality, and in turn help us to act-learn-adjust along the Path. In this podcast we share a simple tool that can be incredibly effective for seeking and sharing truth with…

11) Conflict Resolution

There will always be conflict, no matter what role we are in. Conflict doesn’t have to be bad, but the way that we handle conflict can be. In this podcast we talk about how we can deal with conflict in a healthy way using five different conflict resolution styles.

12) Handling Emotions

Our emotions are our first responders, they are there to tell us that something is happening, they aren’t good or bad in and of themselves, but the way we handle our emotions can be. In this podcast we talk about how we can slow our emotions down and…

13) Systems

There are two different systems that we use as we operate in the world around us. System one, which is instinctive, a learned behavior, an automatic response to the things that are happening around us. System two is calculated, it is a slowing down of the…

14) The Two Circles

We always have a choice, and although we can’t control most things in this world, we can control a few. When we choose to allow our circumstances to affect us we end up living life as victim, but when we choose to take ownership of the things we can…

15) Communication #1

Communication is the tool that ties the rest of the tools together. Without it we will not be able to effectively share our There with others, we will not be able to share truth with others, and we will not be able to encourage each other when the journey on the…

16) Communication #2

Communication is so important it takes two podcasts. We need to learn to communicate and express ourselves in a way that breaches the barriers to communication. Clarity comes through humility…

17) Putting it all Together

Over the last sixteen podcasts we have introduced a series of tools that when used intentionally can help us to become more effective leaders. These tools, while able to stand alone, are invaluable when used in conjunction with one another. In this podcast we will…

18) Questions & Answers

In this podcast we answer some frequently asked questions that people have as they dive deeper and work through the Servant Leadership tools.